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Benefits of washing your car

How often you wash your car is different for every car owner. Those who travel up and down the highway every day or in and around the city or work sites will have a lot more road grime and dirt build up on their vehicle compared to someone who uses their car to duck down to the shops once a week.

With this in mind, weekly or fortnightly washing is great for maintaining your paintwork and paint protectant.

Brushing up against or touching a car with dust and dirt build-up can cause catches and marks in the paint layers. This can lead to permanent damage which can be costly and undesirable.

Here at “Clean It” we have a variety of washes to suit your every need, our Automatic Ultimate wash will ensure your car is clean and includes Clear Coat and ArmorAll waxes and polishes to add shine and surface protection to your car.

Visit “Clean It” Carwash at 49 Golden Wattle Drive Narangba.