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Washing your Dog

Wouldn’t it be great if dogs walked around the pile of mud or delicately jumped over the puddle of dirty water or even resisted the temptation to jump into that lake to fetch what they thought was a stick!! I suppose that’s the fun of being a dog, but it isn’t that fun smelling them afterwards!!

How frequently you wash your dog all depends on the breed and what they spend their time doing. Some dog breeds need to be washed more than others, it may be due to specific skin conditions and allergies. Regular bathing may be part of their treatment plan recommended by their vet.

In general, regular washing of your dog ensures good clean skin and coat and added shine. Cleaning your dog removes loose hair, scale and debris. If you have an inside dog, regular washing helps to manage dog odour, ensures good dog hygiene, removes loose hair and helps maintain floor coverings and furniture around the house.

At Clean It Carwash our K9000 Dog Wash has everything you need to ensure your dog is shampooed and conditioned, flea treated and blow dried if required all using the Veterinarian approved FIDO’s brand of products.